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"His ancient name was the Udyrfrykte, though the settlers knew him only as death. The Udyrfrykte came to the newly completed mead hall and wreaked vengeance upon those who had shattered the peace of his long, cold sleep. He killed without warning, without mercy, reducing the Thirsk Nords to half their number."
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The Udyrfrykte is a troll-like creature in the The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind expansion, Bloodmoon. He is part of the quest "The Mead Hall Massacre" and can be found in the Lair of the Udyrfrykte. This creature uses a severed Nord leg as a weapon.



  • The Mead Hall Massacre quest has elements tying the quest to the tale of "Beowulf" thus making reference to the creature named Grendel.
  • Also an element of "Beowulf," Grendel's character dies after blood loss when the epic hero Beowulf severs his arm. The Severed Nord Leg being a weapon of the beast may be an allusion to this.
  • The Norwegian words "Udyr" and "Frykt" respectively translate to "Beast" and "Fear".
  • The Uderfrykte Matron is a creature found in Oblivion, despite a small spelling difference from the original Udyrfrykte, a journal found near the Uderfrykte Matron, suggests that it is the mother of the Udyrfrykte.
  • Udyrfrykte is also referenced in Skyrim as "Udefrykte" and has a similar appearance.
  • In Agnar's Journal in Oblivion, an "Uderfrykte" is referred to, but, though the spelling in Morrowind is different, it describes the same creature.[1]
  • The Udyrfrykte is most likely a troll. While no other trolls appear in Bloodmoon or Morrowind, its successors in Oblivion and Dragonborn use standard troll models.



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