The Veiled Choice is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. The Veiled Heritance captured Palith, Rolancano's daughter, to get her brother, Eranamo. Because Palith will not leave without her brother, Rolancano asks the Vestige to find Palith.


I met a mer named Rolancano near the ruin known as Quendeluun. He claims the Veiled Heritance took his daughter. He tracked them to the site.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Enter the South ruins
  2. Find Palith
  3. Enter the North ruins
  4. Find Eranamo
  5. Enter the ship's lower deck (Optional: Ask Eranamo about Earran and Rela)
  6. Recover the Dominion intel
  7. Leave the ship
  8. Talk to Eranamo
  9. Talk to Rolancano outside of Quendeluun
  10. Witness the reunion
  11. Talk to Rolancano – choose to save Eranamo or not – Don't Save Eranamo:
  12. Witness Eranamo's sentencing
  13. Talk to Rolancano or Save Eranamo:
  14. Complete the quest




  • If the Vestige chooses to save Eranamo, other characters may occasionally mention this fact.