The Venom of Ahknara is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.



Part 1Edit

  1. Get Blinding Light Flasks
  2. Find and kill Assassins (5)
  3. Investigate the Eastern Tower
  4. Use Trap Door
  5. Talk to Strikes-from-Shadows

Part 2Edit

  1. Activate the Second Plate
  2. Activate the Third Plate
  3. Activate the Fourth Plate
  4. Talk to Strikes-from-Shadows

Part 3Edit

  1. Kill Ahknara
  2. Use the Trap Door
  3. Talk to Captain Llaari


Talk to the Captain. Head upstairs and obtain the potions. They are found on a small shelf on the wall about eye level.


  • 73–302 GoldIcon


Covenant troops have killed Captain Hjolm of Fort Arand, and they're threatening the safety of the recruits within the fort. Captain Llaari hatched a plan to respond to the threat.

Captain Llaari's plan revolves around some alchemical weapons. I should get some flasks of blinding light from the second floor of the command post.

Head outside and wander near the various walls. Look for dead bodies around the Fort, it is at these locations that assassins are often found.

Travel to the Eastern Tower and find the occupants dead. Use the trap door. Use the 3 pressure plates and then talk to Strikes-from-Shadows. Exit the lower area and find Aknara. Kill and then return to the Fort using the nearby trap door.