The War Council is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.


Thane Harvald wants Lord Vurlop and I to go into the keep and check on King Jorunn. We need to make sure that the King and his war council are safe.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Accompany Lord Vurlop to the Keep.
  2. Talk to Naryu Virian.
  3. Find the key to the Jarl's Manor.
    1. Hints: Search the Stormfists for the key.
  4. Enter the Jarl's Manor.
  5. Talk to Naryu Virian.
  6. Find a way to open the locked doors.
    1. Hints: Find the warrior blowing a horn.
    2. Hints: Seek out the Ancient Relics.
  7. Enter the safe room and Talk to King Joruun.
  8. Defeat Dhalen.
  9. Rescue the pact leaders.
  10. Find help for the King.
  11. Talk to Naryu.
  12. Talk to Prince Irnskar.


Note to King Jorunn explains how to find the key to the vault. Read the notes and then examine the Nord blowing the horn statue and the Argonian relic in the corner of the room.

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