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The Wastrel's Purse

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The Wastrel's Purse
The Wastrel's Purse
Store Type General Goods
Location Passwall
Merchant Dredhwen
Gold Limit 300
Location ID SEPasswallTheWastrelsPurse

The Wastrel's Purse is a two-story inn in The Fringe settlements of Passwall. The inn is staffed by Dredhwen, and has two bedrooms with one available free of charge. The other room is occupied by Relmyna Verenim.

Dredhwen sells general goods and is one of the few places to get resupplied in the Shivering Isles.

A small shrine to Sheogorath is behind the bar with lettuce and yarn, a nod to Sheogorath's Shrine in Cyrodiil and its quest prerequisites.


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