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The Weapon Delivery is a miscellaneous quest given by the Thieves Guild member Lucan Ostorius in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. It involves a shipment of weapons that must be delivered to its receiver in Ald'ruhn.


When wandering in the West Gash northwest from Ald'ruhn and southeast from Gnisis, the Nerevarine might meet Lucan Ostorius. He should deliver a shipment of obviously stolen weapons to Yak gro-Skandar. He asks the Nerevarine if they could help him, delivering the stolen goods for him.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  • Accept to deliver the shipment.
  • Travel to The Rat in the Pot.
  • Deliver the shipment to Yak gro-Skandar.

Detailed walkthroughEdit

When the Nerevarine accepts the task of delivering the weapons to Yak gro-Skandar, Lucan Ostorius will give him the following weapons:

The Nerevarine should now head to Ald'ruhn and find Yak gro-Skandar inside the local inn called The Rat in the Pot. On the lower floor they can find Yak gro-Skandar and deliver the shipment by using the watchwords "Lucan's shipment." Yak will reward the Nerevarine for his work.


  • 100 GoldIcon from Yak gro-Skandar upon completing the quest.


Journal Entry|
I met a fellow guildmember, Lucan Ostorius, who would like some help getting a stolen shipment of weapons to Yak gro-Skandar at the Rat in the Pot in Ald'ruhn.
I agreed to help Lucan to get the weapons to Yak gro-Skandar, and he has agreed to give me 100 septims for my troubles.
  • Quest accepted
I have no time to help Lucan, guildmate or not. Hopefully, I will be forgiven for this.
  • Quest failed
I met up with Yak gro-Skandar, and delivered the stolen weapons to him. He gave me the 100 septims promised by Lucan Ostorius, and seemed pleased about his goods. It's always good to help a couple of honest traders.
  • Quest completed

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