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"What are you here for? Are you here to feed the spiders?"

Mistress Therana is a Dunmer and a high-ranking member of the Great House Telvanni.  She is a master councilor of her house and the ruler of the Telvanni city Tel Branora.

She has many people who serve her, such as Mollimo of Cloudrest, the head of the Telvanni Guard in Tel Branora, or the Telvanni employees of the Tel Branora Great Tower, besides her personal slave Ra'Zahr.

Felisa Ulessen is her mouth in the Telvanni Council Hall.


Mistress Therana is indisputably insane, she tends to change her humor suddenly. In the other side, she gives good rewards for services, such as Daedric armor.

When involved in a discussion, she keeps changing the subject and talking about her childhood. She is not aggressive if not irritated, but can be extremely dangerous when angry.

Therana rewards Nerevarine quite well for completed tasks, even smaller or unimportant ones. For giving Auriel's Bow to her, she offers the choice of either Daedric armor and Daedric greaves or the large amount of 11,111 drakes.


Therana has a small role in the Telvanni questline, but she appears in the main quest, in the Mages Guild questline and in the Morag Tong questline.


Main QuestEdit

You need convince Therana to support you as hortator of the House Telvanni.

Telvanni QuestsEdit

Felisa Ulessen task you to deliver a new clothe to her master, however this is not easy due to Therana's temper.

Therana asks you to find a bow that "smells like Ash Yam" in the Ghostgate.

Mages GuildEdit

Eliminate the Telvanni Councilors for Arch-Mage Trebonius Artorius.

Morag TongEdit

It's time to end Therana's madness by ending her life in the climatic last writ of the Morag Tong.


  • Therana's generosity is contrast to Neloth, who gave only 10 drake as reward for killing another member of the House Telvanni.
  • She has a collection of Kwama Eggs in her tower.
  • Her room is quite small, she burns books in a campfire for light and sleep in a mattress in the ground.
  • She may be insane, but is quite powerful, and has a great amount of magicka and dangerous spells, such as FirebloomFifth Barrier and an absorb spell.


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