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Thief is an achievement on Xbox 360 and PC, and a trophy on PS3. The achievement is earned by picking fifty locks and pickpocketing fifty pockets.


  • An easy way to complete the pickpocketing part of this achievement is to find an NPC that stands still (such as a guard) and save and try to clear out his or her inventory and reload if you get caught.
  • Another easy way is to kill all guards in a jail, and then place and steal keys on any jailed NPC. They cannot retaliate, and no gold is added to your bounty when being caught.
  • You can check your progress by pressing the pause button, going to General Stats and then to Crime.
  • While the description says to pick fifty pockets, the requirement is to steal fifty different items through the use of pickpocketing. Stacked items will not count as multiple items (e.g. stealing a stack of twelve steel arrows still counts as one stolen item).
  • Placing items counts towards this achievement.

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