Birth thief
For other uses, see Thief.

The Thief is one of thirteen birthsigns in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

Thief's verseEdit

Clever thief watches... Lover sighing... Shadow lying... Tow'r defying... Through the night.

The ThiefEdit

A person born under the Thief birthsign is granted a 10-point bonus to the Agility, Speed, and Luck attributes. These bonuses are temporary; once the respective attributes reach 100 this sign has essentially no effect. A player wishing to be stealthy in the game may consider using the Thief.


The Thief provides the biggest attribute boost in the game. No other skill modifies Luck, so boosting one's Luck is a valuable asset for those who like that skill. Luck affects the Marksman skill, and Mastery perks as well as pickpocketing and sneaking. Choose this birthsign along with Luck as a favorite attribute, and one can easily get their luck up to 100.