For other uses, see Thierry Malyne.
"Maybe now everything can get back to normal. Koeglin village is usually a really peaceful place."
―Thierry Molose[src]

Thierry Molose is a Breton residing in Koeglin Village, Stormhaven. He can be found working around the Guild Traders.


  • "I don't want to rock the boat, but I think the constable too far puting that knight in the stocks."
  • You haven't seen a young man named Lucas around town, have you? His mother is driving me crazy! Coming around asking about him every few minutes. Hope he wasn't taken by slavers. That would tear her apart."
  • "Two villagers were killed, and two more missing after the slavers attacked. I suppose it could've been worse."
  • "Finally now they can get all the cargo unloaded off that ship. I've been waiting for a shipment for weeks. I hope it's on board." – after the completion of "False Accusations"
  • "I've known Constable Pascal for years. Never seen the slightest sign that he was going soft in the head. I just don't understand how this happened." – after the completion of "False Accusations"