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This One's a Classic is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.
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Laughs-at-All is struggling to understand humor. He heard a rumor about a sacred Dark Elf performance from the distant past.

The ghosts made it clear that if someone performed the rite incorrectly, he would be killed. I must decide whether to tell Laughs-at-All about the performance and let him die. If I keep it a secret, that could save his life.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  • Find Clue to Opening Performance
  • Find Clue to Follow-Up Performance
  • Find Clue to Closing Performance
  • Choose
  • Give Laughs-at-All the Performance Notes (Laughs-at-All dies)
  • Don't tell Laughs-at-All about the Performance (Laughs-at-All lives)




  • This quest is unique in that it will actually tell you that your actions will result in Laughs-at-All will die if you tell him.

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