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"Ah, don't worry. It's just an illusion gone wrong. I'm not really a talking skeleton. No, that would be preposterous. How would that even work? I mean—no windpipes."
―Thjordic Four-Thumbed[src]

Thjordic Four-Thumbed is a Nord who has cast a faulty illusion spell that makes him appear to be an undead skeleton. He can be found in the Mournhold Outlaws Refuge, sitting in an ashes pit with mushrooms growing out of it.


  • "Illusions, even botched illusions, have their benefits. For example, I can tell what you're wondering, and the answer is—yes! I am completely naked. It's quite liberating! Frees up the mind to think of more important things. Every mage should try it."
  • "I was at Shad Astula trying to master a particularly devious illusion spell when I swear I saw a two-heading rabbit run past. In my distraction I misspoke one of the critical words of the spell and, well, you know the rest. I was promptly expelled."