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Tholer Saryoni is a Dunmer priest and the Archcanon of the Tribunal Temple. He can be found locked in his private quarters in Vivec Temple's High Fane.

He is also the author of Saryoni's Sermons (which are copies of Saryoni's original manuscript), Fellowship of the Temple and Yngling's Letter.


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  • (Before quests) "Please leave. These are my private quarters."
  • (During Temple quests) "Have you completed the Pilgrimages of the Four Corners?"
  • (During Main quest) "Thank you for coming, %PCName. You know the Temple's doctrine on the Nerevarine. Perhaps it is time to change that doctrine."

Bad Daedra:
"The Rebel Daedra -- the Dark Daedra -- Molag Bal, Malacath, Sheogorath, Mehrunes Dagon -- in their arrogance and pride, refused to keep faith with the Tribunal. We call these Daedra the 'Four Corners of the House of Troubles', and they continue to tempt the unwary into heresy and dark worship."

good Daedra:
"Boethiah, Mephala, and Azura are loyal friends of the Tribunal. These Daedra are the Good Daedra, which we also call the Anticipations."

"At pilgrimage sites the Temple maintains shrines commemorating sacred events. By retracing the holy feats of saints and heroes, and by contemplating their experiences, the faithful may advance on the path of enlightenment."

Four Corners:

  • (During Malacath of the House of Troubles) "The First Corner of the House of Troubles is Malacath, the Daedric patron of Orcs who tests the Dunmer for weakness. There is a shrine to Malacath on Sheogorad, southwest of Dagon Fel. Head south past the Dwemer ruins and take the second road to the west. Look for the shrine to the north. Take four Daedra hearts to the shrine. When you donate the hearts at the shrine, recite Vivec's "Four Corners of the House of Troubles.""
  • (During Mehrunes Dagon of the House of Troubles) "The Second Corner of the House of Troubles is Mehrunes Dagon, the Daedra of Destruction who represents the trials the Dunmer face in the lands of Morrowind. At Ald Sotha, the Daedric ruins northeast of Vivec City, Vivec rescued Sotha Sil, the only survivor of the minor House Sotha, from the armies of Mehrunes Dagon. Fight your way to the statue of Mehrunes Dagon and recite Vivec's "Four Corners of the House of Troubles.""
  • (During Molag Bal of the House of Troubles) "The Third Corner of the House of Troubles is Molag Bal, who tries to destroy the Dunmer by corrupting our bloodlines. Bal Ur is known as the birthplace of Molag Bal where the Doom Drum tricked Molag Bal into becoming mortal. Vivec defeated Molag Bal here and sent him back into Oblivion. Bal Ur is just north of Suran, but to get there easily, you will need a way to levitate over the mountains."
  • (During Sheogorath of the House of Troubles) "The Fourth Corner of the House of Troubles is Sheogorath, the Mad Star, who threatens the Dunmer with madness. It is time to renew a pact Vivec made with Sheogorath long ago. To do so, you must find the Gambolpuddy."

"Yes, I know it is a strange name, but all Sheogorath's creations have the touch of madness. Find the Gambolpuddy in Ald Daedroth and donate it to Sheogorath's statue there while reciting Vivec's "Four Corners." This will renew the pact and prevent Sheogorath from tormenting us with madness. Ald Daedroth is on one of the islands between Sheogorad and Azura's Coast. I will mark this place on your map."

"Like loving ancestors, the Tribunal guards and counsels us. Like stern parents, they punish our sins and errors. Like generous relatives, they share their bounty among the greatest and least, according to their needs."


  • "Almalexia is the Healing Mother, the source of compassion and sympathy, and protector of the poor and weak."
  • "Blessed Almalexia the Warden is one of the three Immortal God-Kings of Morrowind, a Pillar of the Tribunal Temple, and the patron of Healers and Teachers."

Sotha Sil:

  • "Lord Sotha Sil the Magus is one of the three Immortal God-Kings of Morrowind, a Pillar of the Tribunal Temple, and the patron of Artificers and Wizards. Sotha Sil was the mightiest wizard and most wise counselor of the First Council. Companion and teacher of Nerevar and Vivec, Sotha Sil is the Light of Knowledge and Inspiration of Craft and Sorcery."


  • "Lord Vivec is a lover of both words and deeds, and a master of weapons and poetry."
  • "Vivec was the most gallant knight and the most subtle rogue of the First Council."

Ministry of Truth:
"The Ministry of Truth was hollowed out to provide a prison and re-education center operated by the Temple Ordinators for the correction of heretics."

Hall of Justice:
"Grandmaster Berel Sala, chief Ordinator on Vvardenfell, has his offices there."

"These people are our ancient enemies. Like all man races, they are of inferior blood, but otherwise are human in every respect. Are they capable of enlightenment? Do they have souls? Who can say?"

"The oldest of our ancestor spirits we call the Daedra; though they are powerful and cunning, their hearts and minds have grown distant and strange, and the bad Daedra are dangerous."

little secret:
"I'm Patriarch rank in Temple, and I'd think twice about going down in a Daedric ruin without a crateful of potions and scrolls."

Temple's doctrine:
"The Temple must protect the people from false doctrines. And your association with Imperial intelligence makes your motivations and integrity suspect. But you have been chosen Hortator and Nerevarine by the Dunmer people. And we have reached a crisis with Dagoth Ur. We can no longer defend the people against the awakened Sixth House. You and your prophecies may represent our last hope."

"Our situation is desperate. But I would rather have you hear the details of our situation, and the circumstances leading up to that situation, from Lord Vivec himself. He has asked to see you. Would you agree to a private meeting with him, and hear in person what he has to say?"
Yes, I will meet with Vivec
[Archcanon's Private Key has been added to your inventory. Secret Palace Entrance Key has been added to your inventory.] "Good. Here are two keys: one to the private back entrance to my quarters, the other to a locked entrance to Lord Vivec's palace. I regret that, at present, the Ordinators are not completely under my control, so, for now, I'll ask you to avoid confrontations with them. Lord Vivec is expecting you. His Lordship is remarkably patient, but perhaps it would be better not to keep him waiting."
"Lord Vivec is expecting you. His Lordship is remarkably patient, but perhaps it would be better not to keep him waiting."
No, I don't trust you
"I'm sorry. I understand. Then we have nothing further to discuss at this time. I will not apologize for the Temple's actions against you, or against the Dissident Priests. But I do believe it is time for such hostilities to stop. I regret that, at present, the Ordinators are not completely under my control, so I cannot guarantee that you will not be harmed. But if you change your mind, and are willing to meet with Vivec, please return to me at any time."



Archcanon of Vivec
Llevule Andrano 3E ??? - ?E ??? Unknown, position likely abolished