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"My daughter Karita sings to the guests when she can. She has her mother's voice."

Thoring is a Nord innkeeper in Dawnstar.


Thoring lives in Dawnstar, he owns and operates the Windpeak Inn. He rents rooms, has food and some ingredients for sale, and, like most innkeepers and bartenders, is a good source of rumors concerning local happenings as well as bounties being offered by the Jarl. Thoring is often talking about his daughter Karita, saying how she has her mother's voice.

His daughter, Karita, is the inn's bard. She often tires with him over wanting him to be happy, despite the fact of her mother's death two years prior.


  • "I'm sorry. My mind was just somewhere else. Did you need a room? Drink?"
  • "Need a room? Don't worry. Nightmares don't seem to happen to travellers."
  • "Oh, do you need a room?"


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