Not to be confused with Thoronor.
"What kind of deal can I make for you today?"

Thoronir quote

Thoronir is a Bosmer and owner of the shop The Copious Coinpurse in the Market District of the Imperial City.


He sold his stock at very low prices, which upset a group in the Market District called the Society of Concerned Merchants, who feared that he would drive them out of business. He obtained all his stock from the shady Nord dealer called Agarmir, who acquired the items by digging up graves in the Green Emperor Way.

Apparently Thoronir was unaware of this, and enlisted the help of the Champion of Cyrodiil to put an end to Agarmir's grave robbing. Although originally opposed to joining the Society of Concerned Merchants, after learning of Agarmir's crimes, Thoronir donated money and items, and joined the Society. He did not receive jail time for selling stolen goods.



  • Additional talking points become available after talking to Jensine and accepting the quest "Unfriendly Competition."
  • If the player asks Thoronir about his "Inventory," the latter responds "What about my Inventory?" The player can choose one of three responses:
  1. Where do you get it?
  2. I think it's stolen.
  3. Very nice selection, Thoronir.
  • Any of these responses advances the quest, but 1 & 2 will offend him. The 2nd response lowers your disposition with him by 20. The third is an admiration to advance the quest and increases your disposition with him by 20, up to a maximum of 99.

Increasing your disposition with Thoronir also allows you to haggle more over the prices, just as with any other merchant. However, since all of his goods seem to be stolen, nobody cares to buy them as his source seems to be the skeleton in his closet. When doing a quest for Thoronir, you may find a diary passage written by Thoronir himself on how he had a Redguard friend of his steal his goods for him. Thoronir is also involved in the human trafficking business, most notably slavery. He seems to have a general disposition against Khajiits and Argonians and appears to be a racist. If your character is one of the aforementioned races, Thoronir will refuse to do business with you and proceed to call the guards and tell them you were robbing his store.