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Entry 55Edit

The Drublog wont let me in Dra'bul. They said I'm not Orc enough, that I spent too much time among the Bosmer. At least they let me set up a camp outside their gates

Entry 56Edit

Drublog bastards! There's a Strangler not fifteen paces down the hill from where they told me to set up camp. I could have tripped over it last night.

I didn't notice it until this morning. Strange that it left me along as I slept. It's not dead - I can see it breathing. (Fluttering? Whatever it is they do.) I'll keep an eye on it. That thing moves and I'll fill it with arrows.

Entry 57Edit

Woke up this morning to a Monkey howling and carrying on. The little screecher tossed acorns at the strangler until it ran out.

The strangler did nothing, not even flicker its tendrils. Why didn't it spit poison at that monkey?

Entry 58Edit

The monkey came back to throw more acorns. Still nothing from the strangler. Maybe it's docile.

Entry 59Edit

Getting tired of that monkey.

Entry 60Edit

Asked a Drublog about the strangler. He said its called Gentle-Blossom. They told me to camp by it because its harmless, but it scares off the Senche-Tigers. Not sure if I should believe him.

Entry 61Edit

The monkey threw an acorn at me. I put an arrow through its eye.

I tossed the monkey's body next to Gentle-Blossom. I thought the fresh meat might rouse it - him? - but still nothing. Is he sick?

Entry 62Edit

I stepped within five paces of Gentle-Blossom.


Entry 63Edit

Three paces today. Nothing. The Drublog was right, he's completely harmless.

Entry 64Edit

I caught some game this morning. I think I'll try to share some with Gentle-Blossom. I'd really like to see what he looks like when he feeds.