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Item ID for dragon scroll

  • Item ID may refer to the (dragon) scroll (player add item gives one of them) it shows that the code IS an item but using
    Player.RemoveItem 030126dc 1
    I get the message
    GetItemCount >> 0.00
    The main nonDLC quest isn't complete.

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    • 030126DC is the Elder Scroll (Dragon) from Dawnguard. If you're not doing the DLC quest, then you're not going to have that version in your inventory.

      The item ID for the original Elder Scroll that is used in the (Non-DLC) main quest is 0002D513.

      If you haven't finished the main quest yet, why do you want to remove it from your inventory? After you finish the main quest you can sell it to Urag gro-Shub or keep it for when you start Dawnguard.

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