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Can you plant Jarrin Root?

  • Can you plant Jarrin Root in the gardens of your home in the Hearthfire DLC? I have already used the Jarrin root, and it occurred to me that alchemical ingredients can be planted in the garden attachment of Hearthfire, so if anybody has one, can you try it?

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    • I've tried it before. You can't plant Jarrin Root. It doesn't show up in the list of plantable ingredients.

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    • It's a shame, too. I'd love to have as much Jarrin Root as I can carry in game to make the most profitable poisons, but the sad part is tha game data doesn't support the addition of the Root in Hearthfire... 

      Anyone know of the Dawnstar Cloning Chest Glitch and how to do it at all? Perhaps that's one way to get more than one...?

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    • There is a mod that lets you plant jarrin root along side several other otherwise unplantable ingredients. Chicken's eggs etc.. U get a nest instead of a plant of course. But planting mixing a jarrin root with any other damage health ingredient will result in a 900 + damage health poison. seriously op imo

      Mod's called More plants and ingredients

      i think..

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    • Yes there is a mod, can't remember if it's steam or nexus, you need dawnguard installed, it's do your own farming or somesuch, for low level players who join dawnguard early on, with no home. It's the only one I came across that allows it, but you literally have to make all your own tools, dig the garden in a non garden area, etc. Interesting if you want to download a mod and do the labor in game. Otherwise, I just console command it, so much easier. I am a big time poisoner, I like my foes to DIE quickly.

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    • Unless you have a mod, no. But still, it's so powerfull, that it deserves to be given only once. For example, i used console to get 11 jarrin roots and made 11 potions that damage hp, like 3000 points + 4 other effects (Jarrin root +blisterworth+human heart). Heard that with Jarrin root + Crimson ninroot you can make a damaging poison that deals, like 7400 damage or sth. With that perk where weaps get 2 poison charges, you can easily deal 10000+ damage with 2 hits, enough to kill anything. Ofc, if crimson ninroot is too hard to obtain, you can always substitute it with river betty, but it wont be as strong.

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    • If you play on PC there is a mod house on the Nexus, Spiderwick Manor, that allows you to plant both Jarrin Root and Crimson Nirnroot in the garden. Making one-hit poisons all day!

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