Elder Scrolls

Kill the leader of Uttering Hills Camp (ps3 linwe's death bug)

  • I have made the quest "Summerset Shadowns" quite long time ago and when i was passing Darkwater Crossing a female miner asked me to "Kill the leader of Uttering Hills Camp" after i interacted with her. Problem is that i had come back to the mine and i found all the summerset guys back, but i still found Linwe's corpse in the same place i left it near the entrace (and exit) of the mine. Tried to hit it with sword and some magics, even "Revenath" problem is that i can't ressurect him or kill or make his body dissapier, any ideas?

    Ps: I'm a ps3 console user, so i can't use the console of the game to ressurect him.

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