• Lady N, from the Imperial Library, posted an obscure document on Tumblr recently on behalf of Michael Kirkbride. It's basically states that Queen Ayrenn from ESO is in fact KINMUNE.

    Here is the link to the pdf:

    This new document follows on and expands a much older text where Kirkbride intorduced this KINMUNE being. Those of you not familiar with KINMUNE can read about it here. The original KINMUNE text is difficult to make any sense of, but the following is a basic understanding that people have worked out:

    KINMUNE began her existence in the 9th Era as an Ayleidoon space mining craft of limited sentience. Remote mortal operators would help her run the rigs in Kynareth's wind black market. She was capable of channeling several minds at once, but she was nearing the limit of her usefulness and was approaching an "unceremonious end."

    However, an armada of "barely-there Hist blink-root-ships" attacked the Ayleidoon mining operation with impossipoint weaponry. Because of the rampant warfare in the system, proper maintenance of space-time had been neglected and KINMUNE's synthetic body was warped back in time to Skyrim during the reign of Ysgramor.

    Panicked, KINMUNE began sending out distress signals in all her known languages, many of which didn't exist yet. Heros and mystics made pilgrimage to her and she offered them the chance to channel their minds through her and witness her knowledge of the future at the cost of a portion of their heroism or mystery. One of Ysgramor's councilors, the Dumb Old Giant, was so maimed. In his wrath, Ysgramor sent his Thanes and Shield-Biters after her, and after a difficult battle they managed to seal her under the dwemercraft in Saarthal.

    However, KINMUNE, being a deep space mining craft, was built to withstand crushing pressure. She viewed herself as being condemned for a witch merely for trying to be something more than a puppet. She studied the brass-and-cricket lines of the Dwemeri prism and after several eras of converting it into a language she escaped Saarthal. She sought a refuge from which she could exact her wrath. She established herself as Queen Ayrenn of the Altmer and began the militarization of Alinor which would lead to the rise of the First Aldmeri Dominion.

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    • Fascinating..

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    • So is she the Eye of Magnus or is that something else altogether.

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