• So, my nephew and I were chatting on the Xbox about him getting the Notched Picaxe. (He is a lvl 5 and just got the game.) Told him you can't get it untill later in the game (I had not even gotten it I have a lvl 38 thief.) So, he tells me to go to High Hrothgar and go to the barrier behind it and head off to the left and keep climbing. (He did it on a horse. I am to cheap and did it ALL ON FOOT.) YOU CAN make it past it. And once you do make it up the pathway. You come to another barrier. There is a little cubby (hole) to the left of the barrier and you go to the left side. And just keep mashing the jump button! You will make it. It took me like 20-30 min to get up there on foot lol. But it is possible. You can make. At the top there is 2 ore's of Ebony and 2 of Malacite! They should have a achivment for crap like this lol. Good luck. And remmeber keep mashing the jump button. Wirlwind helps SOMETIMES.

    Mo the Theif.

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