•   I was at the camp in the cave, I cleared everything, triggered every trap and just started leaving the dungeon with my bag full of loot, when I experienced probably the most frightening thing that happened to me while playing the game. Note that I was really low level mage playing on legendary, so even Bandit chiefs were a pretty though foes to beat.

     When I entered the steep tunnel leading to the exit, I started to hear common bandit dialogue and sound of pickaxes clicking on veins. As I looked in the tunnel, I saw that every bandit in the dungeon somehow respawned in a one same place, equipped with all the weapons and gear I took from their corpses not many minutes ago. They all went hostile as they saw me. I totally panicked and ran out of the cave to the mammoth trap. I screamed a little, took a deep breath, saved the game, then entered the cave again. Nobody there alive, all the bandit corpses were at the same place, no trace of the "respawned" bandits.

    Have you ever experienced such a scary "random respawn" bug, or it was just my frigging imagination?

    Thanks for reading, cheers.

    Ps.: I have pure vanilla game, no mods, no DLC's, no patches.

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    • If you have no patches you shouldn't have legendary difficulty it was added in patch 1.9. Never had that happen in the camp (and i go to Halted Stream a lot) or any other location, Skyrim can be a weird game though sometimes.

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    • It is impossible to have an unpatched game. On consoles, the game will not run unless you install the updates and on PC, unless you have configured Steam to download no updates or are in offline mode, then the game will already be on the latest patch when it's launched.

      I suspect that you are actually on the latest patch and have purchased the game recently, which automatically is updated to the latest official patch.

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