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    I wish I never joint the Dark Brotherhood. It is so sad at the end when everyone dies. But I was wondering if you could find the other corpses of the members who died? Obviously you can find Astrid's, Festus Krex's is pinned against a tree just outside by arrows and Nazir and Babette survived, but can you find Arnbjorn, Veezara, Gabriella or the spider? I was aware of Arnbjorn fighting a Penitus Oculatus member when you enter, but I never saw the other three.

    Also, if you had the choice, which Dark Brotherhood members would you save if it was optional (can be 2 or more, but not all of them)? I would save Astrid, Arnbjorn and Nazir. My reasons are that I never saw Gabriella at first so I don't really connect with her, Festus Krex is old and doesn't have much life left anyway, Veezara is an Argonian and I don't like them, Babette is just creepy (and a vampire) and the spider is just strange. I would save Astrid because she is nice to me (well, except for the betrayal, but that is understandable), Arnbjorn, because I have a soft spot for him and believe he is really nice inside (also like the love story between him and Astrid) and Nazir because he is cool.

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    • You can find their bodies relatively easily if you look - Arnbjorn is in wolf form & the others are literally lying about the place, but only whilst the Sanctuary is on fire - I couldn't find Lis though, but I'm sure she's been there on other playthroughs... I miss Veezara, he was nice, but Gabriella needed a slap...

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    • I'm pretty much just racist to Argonians.

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    • "I would save Astrid because she is nice to me (well, except for the betrayal, but that is understandable),"

      Astrid can rot. It's literally ENTIRELY her fault that any of the Dark Brotherhood die at all and it is because of her betrayal. There is no excuse for what she did and I relished in seeing her after the betrayal. My only regret is that she didn't suffer enough...

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