• I picked up Skyrim Remastered on sale recently, added a couple of mods and have run into an issue with Night Eyes. It seems somewhere along the way, I developed a case of vampirism and didn't make it to the clinic fast enough, so I ended up having to do Falion's Quest to cure it. Fun quest though and only one innocent fisherman had to die to fill my black soul gem. Any who, at some point I was granted Vampire Sight as a spell and used it in a cave only to discover that it never went away. I checked Active Effects and it initially showed 18 hours, but a quick check of the spells lists shows that should be more like 30-60 seconds. I tried sleeping it off and waiting for the allotted time, but to no avail. I decided to take advantage of it and went spelunking for a while, but the remaining time has only dropped to 17 hours and it's been way longer than that both in Skyrim time and real world time. I'm playing on a PS4, so the console commands to fix this don't work. I've uninstalled all mods, cleared out all of my vampire gear, but no luck so far. I'm looking to avoid going back to a pre vampire save. Any help would be great.

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