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Three Brothers Trade Goods

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Three Brothers Trade Goods
Three Brothers Trade Goods
Store Type General goods
Location Market District
Merchant Tertullius Verus
Cicero Verus
Sergius Verus
Gold Limit 1000 GoldIcon
Business Hours 8am-8pm
Unique Item Helm of the Deep Delver
Akavari Sunderblade

Three Brothers Trade Goods is a shop in the Imperial City Market District, run by the three Verus brothers: Tertullius Verus and Sergius. The third brother, Cicero, only lives there when not doing duties for the Black Horse Courier.

Tertullian has a thousand septims for bartering. He is willing to buy anything. Tertullian sells the unique Helm of the Deep Delver.

Sergius also has a thousand septims. Like his brother, when bartering, Sergius will buy everything while only selling a variety of miscellaneous items. He sells the unique Akavari Sunderblade. He also sells upgrades for the house in the Waterfront District.



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