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Three Hearts As One is an Ebonheart Pact hymn sung by bards in The Elder Scrolls Online. It features the voice of, and was composed by, Malukah.


We tilled Skyrim's ground despite frozen toil.

We tended the Kwama beneath Morrowind's soil.

We hunted the Wamasu in Black Marsh's glades.

We three hearts had no need for blades.

Then they came from the seas, folded steel in their hands.

They burned down our homes and ravaged our lands.

Akaviri brought nothing but bloodshed and lies.

Our families were slain before our eyes.

With three separate people, they shared a cruel joke -

A choice between death or the yoke

But then our three people knew what must be done

To end the oppression, our three became one.

Forged by War the Ebonheart rose

And drove the Akaviri back to the sea

When the enemies begged for the mercy they lacked

Three voices as one shouted "Blood for the Pact"

Forged by war our story be told

No shackles can hold us whether Moonstone or Gold.

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