"Let me out of here, damn it! I'm not a criminal!"
―Threki the Innocent[src]

Threki the Innocent is a prisoner found in Riften Jail. She proclaims herself innocent of her accused crimes. The door to her cell cannot be opened.


She was arrested for insulting Ulfric Stormcloak. She remains in custody even if the Imperial Legion takes over The Rift, during the "Reunification of Skyrim," or is given to them during "Season Unending," in exchange for Markarth.


  • "This is what happens to you when you speak your mind in this city."
  • "They threw me in here because I called Ulfric a liar; a deceiver."
  • "Ulfric doesn't care about Talos. He yearns for the throne of Skyrim and he'll say anything to rally people to his side."
  • "But now, because of Ulfric's greed, countless lives have been lost."
  • "On second thought, maybe I'm better off in here. At least I'll die with a clear conscience."