Through the Aftermath is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.


The remnants of a broken siege lie outside Davon's Watch, broken by the appearance of an army of ghosts. A sergeant at the front, a Nord named Rhorlak, has asked me to decide how best to deal with the spirits.

The Chimer spirits of an ancient battlefield have been conjured to this plane of existence. The Vestige will be given the choice to kill them or try to free their souls from force that is binding them or enslave them to help defend the pact.


Part 1Edit

  • Talk to Furon Rii
  • Use the Pendant on a weakened spirit
  • Talk to Furon Rii

Part 2Edit

  • Talk to Reesa
  • Use the Talisman on a weakened spirit

Part 3Edit


Talk to the Sergeant, then talk to Furon. He will ask that a Smoky Pendant is used on one of the Chimer spirits, but the spirit must be weakened first. The Chimer spirit warrior under the effect of the amulet will follow you back to the camp. Talk to Furon.

Then talk to Reesa; she thinks enslaving the dead is an evil deed. Reesa will give you a talisman and ask you to use it on one of the weakened warriors, then return to her.

Next, return to Sergeant Rhorlak. Here you will have the option to enslave or free the Chimer spirits (choose Furon's or Reesa's suggestions). The option chosen will determine the next quest available:

Reesa will ask you to collect three artifacts from the leaders' burial graves. Once obtained (follow the compass markers), go the nearby shrine and place the artifacts in the brazier. The main leader of the Chimer will appear. After the fight, talk to Reesa for the next quest, "Giving for the Greater Good."

Furon will also want you to collect the relics and you will also have to fight the boss. Afterwards, talk to him again. This will lead you to the quest Wayward Son.