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{{OnlineQuests | image = Through the ashes1.png | questgiver = Captain Landare | level = 12 | location = Dawnbreak, Abandoned Mine | region = Auridon

| characters = [?]

| prereq = To Dawnbreak | next = To Firsthold | faction = Aldmeri Dominion

| type = [?]

| reward = Scampcrusher | gold reward = 182 | enemies = [[Demispp
Ventiv }} The Vestige must gather villagers from Dawnbreak in the center of the town to repel Daedra.


  • Find people in Dawnbreak (5)
    • Fasaran - can be Intimidated. (Otherwise you must help him find his wife's ring).
    • Elannie - can Persuade to leave house. (Otherwise, find her father, Almion)
    • Almion - Deceased. (Cannot be saved)
    • Mirkalinde - just has to be found.
    • Pirtar - buried under rubble.
  • Talk to Captain Landare at the manor house
  • Listen to Artinaire's report
  • Rescue Marine Patrols (5)
  • Talk to Sargeant Artinaire
  • Find Captain Landare
  • Stop the ritual
  • Find Landare at the manor house




This section contains bugs related to Through the Ashes. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

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  • Completing this quest before speaking to the Canonreeve can cause the To Dawnbreak quest to not work.
  • There is an issue with broken or missing quest pins. This has been fixed as of Update 1.[1]

Fixed several issues with broken or missing quest pins.