The Hero, when first entering the portal on the island in the Niben Bay after being briefed by Haskill at the end of A Strange Door, will come to the town of Passwall (after being introduced to the first Shivering Isles hostile in the game thus far, a leveled Grummite).


In town, the Hero will find two characters talking, the mayor of Passwall and a dark elf. Both are a little beyond ecstatic, and when asked about The Gatekeeper they will say that he is finishing off some adventurers "just now". If following them to the gate, they will see a hulking, stitched-up mass of flesh with a sword attached to one arm butchering a crowd of warriors.

The captain, who is watching until the Hero approaches, explains that they can "take it from here", and after all of his men are subsequently killed, he forsakes his bravado and flees for his life, all the way back to Cyrodiil. The Gatekeeper, however, instead of attacking the throng assembled to watch, simply moves back to his spot in front of the Gates of Madness.

The Hero then finds out that The Gatekeeper has the keys to the Gate sewn into his flesh, and although the majority of the citizens of Passwall wish to make it into the Shivering Isles, they cannot - no one is able to kill The Gatekeeper and the Gates can not be opened even if they could sneak by.


Speak to Jayred Ice-VeinsEdit

Speak to Jayred Ice-Veins who can be found either in his house or in the local tavern (Follow the map marker). He wishes to kill the Gatekeeper himself. He helps the Hero to retrieve the bones of a former Gatekeeper from the Gardens of Flesh and Bone. There they encounter a few Shambles, which Jayred helps to kill. Jayred will then retrieve the bones of the dead Gatekeeper and make arrows out of them. Speak to Jayred in a few hours to receive the arrows. These "Gatekeeper Bone Arrows" are powerful, and have a negative effect on the current Gatekeeper.

Speak to Nanette DonEdit

Talking to the apprentice of the Necromancer Relmyna Verenim, who will inform them that the Necromancer's tears themselves harm the Daedra trapped within the Gatekeeper. If they poison their bone arrows (or any other weapon for that matter - the monster simply has a very large amount of health, causing even Umbra to be near ineffective) with these tears, then they will cause extra damage to The Gatekeeper, allowing him to be taken down.

Relmyna VerenimEdit

Sneak into Relmyna's room inside The Wastrel's Purse and read the "Note to Sherogorath" and it will say they should follow her at night to see where she goes. She will go and visit the Gatekeeper and she will drop a handkerchief. Pick it up and squeeze the tears into a bottle. Visit Jayred to see if he has the arrows ready.

The Gates of MadnessEdit

When the arrows are ready, use one dose of the tears on them and proceed to the Gate. Either go alone or enlist Jayred to help with killing him. When the Gatekeeper is dead, take both keys to Mania and Dementia. Walk through either Gate into the Isles.

After The Gatekeeper is disposed of, the members of Passwall (the town built at the Gates of Madness) will eagerly enter the gates, Jayred taking the lead. Relmyna, however, is furious with the Hero for killing her "child", but does not cause any other trouble for the player.

Options to killEdit

  • Use the most powerful enchanted weapon, and kill the Gatekeeper with it.
  • Use the weapon Mehrune's Razor, if in possession; it can very easily kill the Gatekeeper due to its banishing effect. Using this method, he can even be killed before he kills the knights that attack him.

Journal entriesEdit

Journal Entry
  • Update: After entering A Strange Door and watching a room turn to butterflies:

I have entered the Shivering Isles. In order to find the lord of this Realm, I must first pass through the Gates of Madness.

  • Update: After speaking to Jayred:

Jayred thinks he can make arrows that will harm the Gatekeeper from bones found in the Gardens of Flesh and Bone courtyard. I should speak with Jayred when I'm ready.

  • Update: After defeating the Shambles in the courtyard:

Jayred has collected bone fragments from a skeleton of what appears to be another Gatekeeper. I should see Jayred in a few hours to retrieve the arrows made from these fragments.

  • Update: After talking to Nanette Don:

I should find Relmyna at midnight, and spy on her visit with the Gatekeeper. I can also find Jayred to get the arrows made from dead Gatekeeper bones, once he is done making them.

  • Update: After fetching Relmyna's handkerchief:

I've squeezed the handkerchief full of the Sorceress' tears into a bottle. This may act as a poison to the Gatekeeper. I have a limited number of doses, so I will need to be careful using them. I can also find Jayred to get the arrows made from dead Gatekeeper bones, once he is done making them.

  • Update: After killing the Gatekeeper and taking the keys:

I have both the Key to Mania and the Key to Dementia. I can go through either door of the Gates to Madness.

  • Update: After passing through either door in Passwall:

I've entered the Shivering Isles. I should seek out Sheogorath.

  • Quest complete

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