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A Throwing Star is a type of thrown projectile weapon in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Use of a throwing star is governed by the Marksman skill. Throwing stars stack in the inventory and must be equipped. Damage inflicted by throwing stars increases with each level in Marksman, and based on the type used. throwing stars can be found in enchanted varieties.


Throwing Stars can occasionally be recovered when looting the corpses of enemies struck by this weapon.


Name ID GoldIcon WeightIcon DamageIcon
Chitin Throwing Star chitin throwing star 3 0.10 2–3
Steel Throwing Star steel throwing star 3 0.10 2–5
Silver Throwing Star silver throwing star 16 0.20 2–5
Glass Throwing Star glass throwing star 20 0.10 2–9
Ebony Throwing Star ebony throwing star 2,000 0.20 2–10