"Why do thunderbugs eat raw meat? Because they never learned to cook"
Telenger the Artificer[src]

Thunderbugs are a species of giant insect native to Elsweyr and surrounding coastal islands, such as Khenarthi's Roost.

Appearance and behaviorEdit

Thunderbugs are a type of giant beetle. Their carapace is commonly purple and gold colored. Thunderbugs, while known to keep to themselves, can become very territorial when involving their young. They lay their eggs in dirt mounds near trees and rock outcroppings, then remain nearby to guard and protect the unhatched young from predators. If a predator is lucky enough to sneak up close and get an egg, the thunderbug is very cautious so as not to harm its young. They will not attack if it could end up endangering its eggs, but once the eggs are safe they will retaliate with deadly force.

Thunderbugs attack using electrical energy that they create. They can attack its enemies with an electrical bite, or fire a ranged electrical shock burst towards its target. It is said that some thunderbugs are large enough that they can cause a small weather phenomenon, creating lighting and thunder.[1] The electrical shock that the beetles release is quite powerful, and has been known to kill small creatures, such as rats, on contact. This feature has led some on rare occasion to employ Thunderbugs as a means of controlling pests, such as on moon sugar plantations.


A Pinch of SugarEdit

Thunderbugs play an important role in this quest.

For Everything a SeasonEdit

Collect thunderbug maggots.

Shock to the SystemEdit

Help Yinz-Hei with their research on thunderbugs.


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  • Thunderbug eggs are prized by some Khajiit as a delicacy. The eggs are said to be "sweet and tingly going down."[1]