Not to be confused with Tilisu.
"My husband Vendil feared visitors would shun Raven Rock. I'm glad to see he was mistaken."
―Tilisu Severin[src]

Tilisu Severin is a Dunmer who lives on Solstheim. She is the wife of Vendil Severin and the mother of Mirri Severin.


Served ColdEdit

Tilisu is one of the named conspirators planning to kill Councilor Morvayn in revenge for the death of her family's ancestor.

If she is not killed when encountered in Severin Manor, she will appear along with her daughter in the hideout at Ashfallow Citadel, dressed in a full set of Morag Tong Armor. Her robes are nowhere to be found.

Trivia Edit

  • The game files imply that Tilisu is not really Mirri's mother, and that she is an associate of Vendil, not a relative.
  • Upon her death, either in Severin Manor or Ashfallow Citadel, her last words are "House Hlaalu will... have its revenge..."