"Oh, I'm just a servant, dear. You want to talk to one of the Companions, I'm sure."
―Tilma the Haggard[src]

Tilma the Haggard is an Elder lady that works as a maid for the Companions. She can be found in Jorrvaskr in Whiterun.


Tilma tells the Dragonborn that she sees everything, hears everything and knows everything that happens around Jorrvaskr, but is good at keeping secrets. She also claims that she has been serving the Companions for as long as she can remember. Her exact age is unknown, but the Companions can be heard to joke that the mead hall was built around her. It is also stated that, because they came to Jorrvaskr as children, Tilma is the closest thing that Vilkas and Farkas have ever had to a mother.


The Fishing JobEdit

During the The Fishing Job, the Dragonborn must pickpocket an item from someone. The subject of this particular quest varies each time and is said to have appropriated a particular item, which the Thieves Guild wishes to steal back via pickpocketing. Tilma is one of the possible targets for this quest.


"I've been tending to the warriors of Jorrvaskr for as long as I can remember."

Who are the Companions? "A good bunch of men and women, who make too much a mess, if you ask me."

"Goodbye, dear."


  • "I've been tending to the warriors of Jorrvaskr for as long as I can remember."
  • "I see everything, hear everything, and know everything."
  • "Oh, I'm a good keeper of secrets. Have to be, in this hall."


  • Her dialogue indicates that she has knowledge of the Companions' great secret: that they are werewolves.
  • Although transforming into a werewolf will not affect Tilma, howling can cause her to become hostile