Time Travel is a game mechanic seen in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and The Elder Scrolls Online.

This is seen in Online when wearing the armor of a fallen warrior in the quest "A Step Back in Time," the Vestige is transported back in time to relive the battle fought by the original suit's owner.[1] During this time travel event, the last Ayleid King Laloriaran Dynar is met, Dynar is later met in the game during the Coldharbour missions of the present day. Another time travel event occurring in Online is in the quest "Unearthing the Past" on the island of Betnikh, when the Vestige will learn how the island was taken over from the Bretons by the Orcs.

Alduin has been known to have traveled forward through time via an Elder Scroll and arrive in 4E 201, as seen in Skyrim. He was transported forward in time by being cast into an Elder Scroll by Felldir the Old. This is seen when the player themselves are looking back through time.


Unearthing the PastEdit

The Bloodthorn Cult has invaded an ancient Breton graveyard and is raising zombies. The Seamount Orcs are concerned but are waiting for reinforcements.

A Step Back in TimeEdit

The spirit of Alana Relin has led the Vestige to a crypt that will provide a doorway to the past. Now we'll finally learn how Faolchu was originally killed.

Alduin's BaneEdit

The Last Dragonborn learns the Dragonrend shout and how Alduin was sent forward through time.




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