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  • Viana the Pure, Virgin Baroness of Lainlyn, ends her rule.[5]

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  • Potentate Versidue Shaie, ruler of Tamriel, is faced with a disintegrating empire, with "the vassal kingdoms throughout Tamriel reaching a new height of rebellion and openly challenging his rule."[14][15]
  • The kingdoms refuse to pay taxes, and lead sorties against Imperial garrisons in many countries.[14][15]
  • The Imperial fortress Dawnstar is destroyed.[14][15]
  • Council of Bardmont is held, whereby the Imperial Council is gathered, and martial law is declared.[15]

2E 283 - 2E 320Edit

  • Potentate Versidue-Shaie begins a bloody process of wiping away all opposing resistance to the Empire, expending the majority of his legions, and nearly all of the Imperial gold, in the process.[14][15]

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  • Elsweyr, the Khajiit kingdom, is created after Keirgo of Anequina and Eshita of Pellitine combined their long-feuding kingdoms, and created a class struggle that briefly threatened to draw in outside intervention.[16][17][18]

2E 320Edit

  • Dinieras-Ves "The Iron," a relation of Versidue Shaie, presented both himself and a host of warriors before the Potentate, suggesting an order of mercantile warriors-for-hire, who could be hired by nobility in lieu of a standing army, and that the "employment would be temporary, and a percentage of the fee would go to the Potentate's government, thus putting salve on two of Versidae-Shaie's (sic) greatest pains.[14][15]

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  • The Guilds Act is passed: "In the 321st year of the Second Era, the Potentate gave his approval to the Guilds Act, officially sanctioning the Mages, together with the Guilds of Tinkers, Cobblers, Prostitutes, Scribes, Architects, Brewers, Vintners, Weavers, Ratcatchers, Furriers, Cooks, Astrologers, Healers, Tailors, Minstrals (sic), Barristers, and the Syffim."[14][15][16]
  • The Guild of Fighters was established under the section four of the "Guilds Act," the charter first confirmed under Potentate Versidue-Shaie in this year.[16][19]

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  • Morag Tong assassinate "Potentate Versidae-Shae" (sic). The Morag Tong had become so drunk with murder that they literally wrote the words "Morag Tong" in blood on the walls.[20][1]
  • Morag Tong is outlawed throughout Tamriel.[20]

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  • A note about the Morag Tong is found beneath the floorboards of an abandoned house in the Nordic village of Jallenheim in this year. It was said that the house had belonged to "a quiet cobbler, who was whispered by some to have been a Morag Tong member."[20]

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  • The first known year during which the Dark Brotherhood's skills were taken into use.[21]

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  • It is discovered that the town of Cormount may be filled with potential Camoran heirs, resulting in a mass immigration.[23]

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  • The earliest known mention of the Dark Brotherhood, found in the diaries of Arlimahera. However, it is possible that the organization existed before 2E 360.[1]

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  • The village of New Joy is burned to the ground and most of it's civilians slaughtered.[23]

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  • Varen Aquilarios overthrows Emperor Leovic, last of the dynasty of Reachmen known as the Longhouse Emperors, and conquers Cyrodiil. After legalizing Daedra worship, Varen sparked a rebellion against Leovic. After a long and bloody war, Varen kills Leovic in his throne room and declares himself Emperor.[46]

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  • After two years of searching, the Five Companions finally recover the Amulet of Kings from Sancre Tor.[source?]
  • The Soulburst takes place. Mannimarco, one of the Five Companions, betrays Varen Aquilarios during his attempt to use the Amulet of Kings to become Dragonborn, corrupting the ritual and breaking the covenant with Akatosh that sealed Nirn from Oblivion. A massive explosion of arcane energy, the Soulburst, erupted in the Imperial City, causing Varen to vanish. Mystical aftershocks swept across Nirn, causing mages to die or go mad. The Daedra appeared in greater numbers than ever before and the constellation of the Serpent, signifying chaos, appeared so large that it dominated the night sky.[OOG 1]
  • The barrier between Nirn and Oblivion is destroyed, allowing Molag Bal to begin the Planemeld and begin deploying Dark Anchors into Tamriel to merge Nirn and Coldharbour together into one single, nightmarish hellscape.[source?]
  • The Five Companions flee and split up. Varen went into hiding, creating a false identity. Lyris is captured by Molag Bal, and she is sent to Coldharbour as a slave. Sai Sahan fleed and managed to hide the Amulet of Kings in Sancre Tor, but later on he too suffered the same fate as Lyris. Mannimarco begun sacrificing souls to Molag Bal, including the Vestige's. Abnur Tharn fled and continued to rule as Overlord of Nibenay.[source?]
  • Clivia Tharn assumes the role of Empress Regent in the absence of her husband Varen.[48]

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  • The other possible year during which Cyrus the Restless is born.[OOG 4]

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  • Breton assassins decide to counterattack Talos, and set fire to the Imperial Palace, with Cuhlecain inside it; they also "slit the throat of General Talos." However, "from the smoldering ruin he came, one hand to his neck and with Cuhlecain's Crown in the other."[54]

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  • General Talos has already changed his name to Tiber Septim, and has begun his conquest of Tamriel.[57]
  • One of General Talos' commanders, Beatia of Ylliolos, and her Lieutenant, Ascutus, are ambushed on their way to Porhnak, where a Legion was stationed. They are ambushed by Nords ("the warchiefs of Danstra").[57]

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  • Tiber Septim conquers all of Tamriel.[OOG 4]

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