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Titus Mede I was the first Emperor of the Mede Empire. He was the Emperor during the events of The Infernal City and Lord of Souls.


Titus Mede came to power after the Oblivion Crisis and Martin Septim's sacrifice, which ended the Septim Dynasty. After some time, Mede took the Imperial City by force with less than 1,000 men, usurping the current emperor at that time, Thules the Gibbering, and becoming Emperor of Tamriel. Firstly he was seen as conqueror, unworthy to be the Emperor. Most members of the Elder Council were in favor to Thules but Titus's close associate Hierem convinced them to see Titus more as liberator than conqueror.


Titus Mede had one known son, Attrebus Mede, and is the ancestor (unknown distance) of Titus Mede II, who later became Emperor during the time period in which The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim takes place.

Empire of Tamriel
Thules the Gibbering 4E 17 - 4E ?? Attrebus Mede


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