Titus Mede II (Legends)

Titus Mede II with Laaneth and Legate Cassia.

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Titus Mede II is the Emperor of the Third Empire who leads the remaining troops during the Great War. As Lord Naarifin has taken the Imperial City, he has been forced to retreat out of lands controlled by the Third Aldmeri Dominion, and is working towards retaking Cyrodiil.


Chapter 18 - A Knife in the DarkEdit

After defeating the assassins that attacked the Emperor's camp, Titus Mede II will be found wounded in his tent. After being assisted by Laaneth and Legate Cassia, they will state he is to weak to fight. He will ask The Forgotten Hero to wear his Imperial Dragon Armor and lead the Imperial troops into an attack on the Imperial City so that the province can be retaken.