Tivam Sadri is a Dunmer Priest residing insdie Holamayan Monastery. He is one of the Dissident Priests.


Tivam Sadri sells alchemical ingredients and some potions.

Unique dialogueEdit

Opening dialogue

Welcome, [player's name]. Mehra Milo has told us of your coming. You can find her in the library with Master Barelo.

Master Barelo

Master Gilvas Barelo is the abbott of our monastery, and the head of our secret order.

Mehra Milo

Mehra Milo has run terrible risks remaining at the Hall of Wisdom and Truth, and we are gratefull that you have rescued her from the Ministry of Truth.

secret order

We have adopted the name 'Dissident Priests'. We are not ashamed of our disputes with the Temple's hierarchy.

Dissident Priests

We are fiercely loyal to the Temple's ancient traditions. But we are troubled that the ultimate source of the Tribunal's divinity might be the same as the source of Dagoth Ur's evil power. Dagoth Ur's power seems to wax as the Tribunal's power wanes. Read 'The Progress of Truth' and other documents of the Apographa in our library, and you'll see why we are uneasy.

return to Vivec

Vevrana Aryon, a monk at the docks outside, can arrange for travel back to Vivec. You can only enter or leave Holamayan at dusk and dawn; the entrance is sealed at all other hours. But please make yourself comfortable here. Rest in our beds, and make good use of our services. You may read our books, but don't take them. Do not abuse our hospitality. Do not take personal items or alchemical apparatus or ingredients or other private property.