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"I am a commoner. I do whatever needs doing -- cooking, cleaning, building, baking, making, breaking. And, by your accent, I can tell YOU are an outlander. Since you're new to these parts, perhaps you'd like me to share a little local lore"
―Tolvise Othralen[src]

Tolvise Othralen is a Dunmer commoner who resides in the seaside village of Seyda Neen. She spends most of her time in the tavern above Arrille's Tradehouse, which is owned and operated by Arrille.

When asked about the latest rumors, she will tell the Nerevarine that her cousin claims to have seen a "City in the water" near Gnaar Mok. She does not tend to take any of his claims seriously, however, as she thinks he is a drunkard who "spends too much time in the sun".


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