The Tomb of Prince Camarill is a tomb in the Imperial City's Green Emperor Way. The tomb is located between the exits to the Temple District and the Talos Plaza District.


At precisely 12:00 the sun is in an exact position that lights up a map on the tomb's side and reveals the location of the Mythic Dawn's hidden base in the Lake Arrius Caverns. The red runes light up, and are shaped as a minimalistic map of Cyrodiil, with a large four-pointed star-like symbol corresponding to the base's location, and dots corresponding to all of the major cities, except for Anvil. The tomb is revealed from a map from the book series Mankar Camoran's Commentaries.


The Path of DawnEdit

After discovering that the Amulet of Kings was taken by the Mythic Dawn during the assault on Weynon Priory, Jauffre wants the Hero to meet with Baurus in Imperial City to help find the location of the Amulet of Kings.



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