Tonilia is a Redguard fence and a member of the Thieves Guild in Riften. She acts as an early fence for stolen items and occasionally sells lockpicks. Without perks, she has a 1000 GoldIcon spending limit, which resets every 48 hours. That amount increases step by step to up to 4000 GoldIcon as the Dragonborn completes special jobs for Delvin.



  • Several conversations that take place in The Ragged Flagon indicate that she is in a relationship with the owner of The Ragged Flagon, Vekel the Man, though both seem to have different views of where they want the relationship to go; in a conversation between the two, Vekel states that he wishes she would slow down and live with him, while Tonilia says that she is just fine with the way things are. In another conversation between Tonilia and Dirge, he says that he believes Tonilia is cheating on Vekel with Brynjolf, though she quickly denies this, telling Dirge to mind his own business.
  • Delvin sometimes has a conversation with Tonilia where he says that she should start doing jobs for the guild, but she declines, saying that she'll think about it.
  • A complete set of Thieves Guild Armor can be found around the Ragged Flagon - Cistern that Tonilia will accept if the Dragonborn loses the first set. This means that if the original set was lost or sold, she will upgrade this set. This will cause dialogue options and allow her to start fencing again. This allows the Dragonborn to complete the Thieves' Guild questline. This set of armor does respawn.


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  •  PC   360   PS3   If the Dragonborn sells or loses the starting thieves' guild gear, then upon receiving the "free upgrade to a piece of your choice" option, all future interactions with Tonilia will result in a dead end discussion of upgrading the gear and the Dragonborn will be unable to fence anything with her anymore.
    •  PC   This can be circumvented by using the console to spawn replacement gear. As there are three different sets of Thieves' Guild Armor that can be spawned through the console, the codes to spawn the starter set pieces are as follows:
      • player.additem 000d3ac2 1
      • player.additem 000d3ac3 1
      • player.additem 000d3ac4 1
      • player.additem 000d3ac5 1
  • Tonilia will not upgrade the Dragonborn's Thieves' Guild Armor after the "Loud and Clear" quest.
  • Tonilia, at times, may not give the Dragonborn gold for their items when selling. This bug may be encountered when attempting to level speech by the sell/buy/sell/buy method. If Tonilia possesses more than 33,000 gold at any point, she may not give money for items sold to her anymore.


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