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For other uses, see Torch.

Torches are items of illumination. Equipping a torch occupies the shield-hand. Torches extinguish after an extended duration of time has passed or when fully submerged in water.


  • A torch is an off-hand item that provides the player with light when it is too dark to see.
  • Torches may only be used while no weapons are drawn or while using a one-handed weapon with no other off-hand items.
  • Torches may also be used while riding a horse.
  • Torches go out after 1,000 seconds and provide 50 feet of light, opposed to Morrowind's 210 seconds.
  • Wielding a torch will make the player highly visible and ruin any type of stealthy movement.
  • A torch's light will go out when held in water.


  • Most caves or ruins will have a barrel or chest near the entrance with torches inside.
  • Is used by random characters and enemies and is often used by guards during the night.


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