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TESV Torch
0.5 WeightIcon
Base Value:
2 GoldIcon
Type: Misc
FormID: 0001D4EC

A Torch is an item in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Torches can be purchased, pickpocketed, looted from dead bodies, found in containers (rarely), or removed from walls. Only torches with brown handles can be removed from a wall - those with black handles cannot be taken. They are most commonly found in caves, grottoes, and mines populated with people (bandits, mages/witches, forsworn, etc.), but can occasionally be found in other locations.

Some places to find torches: (list incomplete)


  • Torches cannot be sold to any merchants, regardless of merchant type or perks selected.
  • Torches cannot be zoomed into like other objects in order to be looked at more closely.
  • If dropped into a stream or other body of water, a lit torch's flame will not be extinguished.
  • Unequipping a torch once in a while will prevent it from going out, so it can be used continuously.
  • Removing a torch from its sconce can help darken an area to prevent detection if enemies are nearby; however, care must be taken to not be exposed while doing so.
  • While sneaking and blocking with a torch, the Dragonborn will move significantly faster.
  • There is a very rare variant that has zero weight and zero value.
  • If bashing whilst blocking, certain enemies will briefly catch fire.
  • If a torch is dropped, it will not be lit. However, if a player drops a torch, leaves the area and returns, the torch will be lit and will emit light on its surroundings. This can make torches very useful for lighting up a player's house in areas where it is too dark.
  • Torches can be given to followers.


 PS3   Upon pickpocketing six guards' torches, then going into Warmaidens and dropping all of them, the torches were seen to hover in midair. Once someone bumped one of the torches, it fell to the floor. While floating, the torches also seemed to glow much brighter than usual. 


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