Not to be confused with Torkild the Fearsome.

Torkild is a werebear and the brother of Wulf Wild-Blood


Filial BondsEdit

Wulf asks the Dragonborn to locate Torkild. He can be found randomly in the wild, though it is hard. He may be found southeast of the Glacial Cave, halfway to Benkongerike, or in that general area. Upon meeting him he will have a short conversation and then turn into a werebear and attack. Once he is dead, Torkild's Letter to Wulf can be found on him. Although he can already be dead before you find him and can cause problems in the game, then you would have to wander Solstheim looking for his body and retrieving the letter. 


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  • He will sometimes flash from werebear to human.
  • When using Dead Thrall on his corpse, sometimes when fast travelling he will turn back into an ash pile that cannot be looted. This seems to occur most often when still doing his related quest.


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