Tormir is a Nord resident of Darkwater Crossing who works at Goldenrock Mine.


She is the mother of Hrefna and sometimes references Hrefna's father negatively, saying she's not happy with him and if Hrefna knew him, she wouldn't be either. She also mentions a man named Dasturn, implying he can not be trusted.

She also has qualms about an elf named Meieran (who does not appear in the game) teaching her daughter and being friendly with her. Due to the pressures of both mining and caring for her daughter, Sondas Drenim helps to take care of Hrefna.


Radiant A.I.Edit

If Kjeld is killed, Tormir may send a letter to the Dragonborn saying that they aided her, and that she will provide a reward. This indicates that Kjeld may be Hrefna's father.



Tormir: "Sondas, does Hrefna ever mention Meieran to you?"
Sondas: "She hardly mentions anything else."
Tormir: "I'm just worried about what he's teaching her."
Sondas: "I wouldn't worry about that. He's a good elf. I trust him."
Tormir: "You're probably right."

Relationship qualmsEdit

Hrefna: "And Meieran thinks we should go there!"
Tormir: "I don't want to hear another word about what you're learning from the elf! It's high time you learned to be a Nord, too!"
Hrefna: "But mama..."
Tormir: "He's a half-decent farmer. Ask him to teach you to farm!"

Good influencesEdit

Tormir: "Thanks for looking after Hrefna."
Sondas: "Oh, it's no trouble. She's a smart little girl. Might talk your ear off, but she's fun."
Tormir: "Well, I know she thinks the world of you."
Sondas: "Well, I'll try to be a good influence, then."


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