"A Dragon? Please. Don't make up nonsense."

The Torturer is an elder Imperial Legionnaire in Helgen. He wears a set of Imperial Light Armor, with the exception of the helmet, which is replaced with a unique Torturer's Hood. He also carries a Steel Dagger; however, he uses Destruction Magic in combat instead.


He is the Imperial torturer found at the bottom floor of Helgen Keep. Depending on whom the Dragonborn follows into the keep, he will either be hostile or passive.



If Hadvar is followed, he and his assistant will be attacked by escaping Stormcloaks. If he survives the fight, he will stay behind against Hadvar's advice, mostly aloof to the chaos that is happening to the town above him, preferring to continue his studies below the keep. If Ralof is followed, he and his assistant will be hostile towards the Dragonborn.


First encounterEdit

Torturer: "You fellows happened along just in time. These boys seemed a bit upset at how I've been entertaining their comrades."
Hadvar: "Don't you even know what's going on? A dragon is attacking Helgen!"
Torturer: "A dragon? Please. Don't make up nonsense. Although, come to think of it, I did hear some odd noises coming from over there."
Hadvar: "Come with us. We need to get out of here."
Torturer: "You have no authority over me, boy."
Hadvar: "Didn't you hear me? I said the keep is under attack!"
Torturer's Assistant: "Forget the old man. I'll come with you."
Torturer: "There's no way out that way, you know..."


Hadvar: "Wait a second. Looks like there's something in this cage."
Torturer: "Don't bother with that. Lost the key ages ago. Poor fellow screamed for weeks."
Hadvar: "See if you (Referring to the Last Dragonborn.) can get it open with some picks. We'll need everything we can get."
Torturer: "Sure, take all my things. Please."
Hadvar: "Grab what you can and let's go."


  • "Leave me to my work. Unless you plan to stay and help?"
  • "There's no way out that way, you know..." – When the Dragonborn is leaving the torture room


  • After the Dragonborn is advised to continue along with Hadvar, the torturer can be killed with no repercussions from either of the Imperials accompanying them, and can then be looted for the Steel Dagger that he possesses.
  • If the torturer and his assistant are killed, Hadvar may comment on their deaths, saying "These bastards call themselves Imperial Legionnaires…"
  • His main spell is sparks, which can be found in the cell with the mage.