"Welcome to Torval, home of the finest southern wines. Be wary of our market, for those who have crossed the merchants' path have been in dire straits indeed..."
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Torval is the capital city of Elsweyr and home of the spiritual leader, the Mane and their home tribe among lavish palaces of massive timber straight from Valenwood.[2]

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Sugarcane gardens surround the mane's palace where the mane can be found meditating atop their palanquin which is held by Cathay-raht servants. Humans are forbidden to enter these gardens as Moon-Sugar is considered holy to the Khajiit. Warrior Guards protect these gardens as they usually do across Tenmar Forest.[2]


First EraEdit

In the early first era, Elsweyr was divided into sixteen independent realms. Dominance within the regions was determined by the phases of the moons. When the moons are at Quadrature, Torval is considered dominant among realms.[3]

Second EraEdit

Torval was affected by the Knahaten Flu along with the rest of Elsweyr.[4]

During the Alliance War, the mane of Torval was Akkhuz-ri. He ruled along with his advisor, Lord Gharesh-ri of Torval. After being influenced by dark khajiiti magic, Akkhuz-ri lost his position as mane and one of his Lunar Champions, Khali and Shazah was chosen as the new mane of Elsweyr.[5]

In 2E 864, the mane at the time was Nhad-hatta, he has been depicted with long hair-locks from his home tribe.[3]

Third EraEdit

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An Imperial Diplomat sent by Tiber Septim himself was chased off the sugar-cane gardens despite excepting audience with a Khajiiti ruler.[2]

In 3E 153, an asylum built by the Septim Empire existed in Torval where many donkey-brained nobles including eccentric dukes, mad baroness, touched lords, and daft ladies were held at. Pelagius Septim III was sent to the asylum where he was given his own wing and behaved very well. When he learned that people wanted to see him, he decided the asylum should throw a ball. Many visited Pelagius including Empress Katariah Septim. At one o'clock, Pelagius decided to retire for the night. Halfway through the stairs, he starts flailing around in hysteria, screaming, laughing, and ordering more wine. Eventually, Pelagius was relocated to another asylum in Black Marsh.[6]

During the Imperial Simulacrum, the Eternal Champion had at one point visited the city in their quest for a piece of the Staff of Chaos.

The Five Year War was war against the provinces of Valenwood and Elsweyr who were know to have a feud between each other. Prior to the war, Khajiiti Bandits raided caravans bound to Valenwood cities such as Silvenar and Arenthia. This angered the Bosmer and started the first battle of the war, the Slaughter of Torval. The massacre killed Khajiit in the thousands from both the outskirts of Torval and the inner city. Eventually, Khajiit reinforcements came from a local jungle tribe and secured victory for the Khajiit.[7]

Ya'Tirrje has drug smuggling ring all around Elsweyr. In cities such as Torval, Corinthe, and Rimmen.[3]

Emperor Pelagius Septim II was given an ultimatum by a Nord representing Solitude. King Mantiarco wanted to make an alliance with the Septim Dynasty by having Princess Galana Septim's hand in marriage, regardless of her looks. At the time, Torval was facing a rebellion that needed money to quell. Mantiarco gave millions of gold to Pelagius to end the rebellion but Galana wasn't married to Mantiarco. Eventually, Potema Septim married Mantiarco and bore a child with him named Uriel Septim III, the future emperor of Tamriel.[8].



  • When Arena was going to be a tournament-based game, Torval's team was known as the Firedrakes.[OOG 1]
  • Torval could have been named after Topal the Pilot, as he is also called Torval the Pilot.



Notice: The following are out-of-game references. They are not found in any in-game books, but can still be considered part of The Elder Scrolls lore and are included for completeness.
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