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Totems of Hircine is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

The Totems of Hircine quests are available after becoming Harbinger of The Companions or marrying Aela. The questline revolves around recovering three distinct totems from three different dungeons. The quests are available through Aela the Huntress.


Praying to one of the totems in the Underforge will grant a unique power that can be activated while in Beast Form. These are considered lesser powers and thus can be used multiple times per day.

These are:

  • Totem of The Hunt: Detect Life ability.
  • Totem of Brotherhood: Summon two Wolf spirits.
  • Totem of Fear: Howling will activate Fear against enemies.

With the addition of The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard, these powers can be improved when perks are added to the Werewolf skill tree.


The locations of the Werewolf Totems are random. Each totem can be found in either an animal den, a warlock lair or a vampire lair. The Totems can be found within chests with some loot also inside or they can be found on a dead body.

Possible locationsEdit

First totemEdit

Second totemEdit

Third totemEdit


Journal Entry

Aela has tracked one of the Totems of Hircine to <radiant location>, and has come with me to retrieve it.

  • Objective: Retrieve the Totem of Hircine

Aela and I have retrieved a Totem of Hircine from <radiant location>.

  • Objective: Take the Totem to the Underforge
  • Quest complete


  • In between each Totem retrieval, you may be given a few side missions before Aela asks for your assistance again. Normal amount = 4 / lowest = 0 / highest = 10. If you specifically want this side mission and she gives you another, back out of the conversation and leave the area you're currently in and then reenter. Doing this will reset the task she has for you. It's a random chance each time of what job you get. The same applies to starting the quest line as well.
  • The Totem of Fear is the default power of Beast Form.
  • If Aela has the dialogue option "Is there any work to be done?" means she will give a Totem quest.
  • As the objective marker is randomized, you may have the possibility of the second or third Totem quest leading to the same dungeon as the one before, much like with any other radiant quest.
  • When starting the Totems questline, Aela states that Skjor had found a book describing Totems of Hircine, and that he had brought it up to Kodlak shortly before Kodlak started to look for a cure to his Lycanthropy. Afterwards, Skjor had not brought it up again.
  • When starting the final leg of the quest, Aela states that everybody can be bought for a certain amount of coin, and that everyone also has "a pain threshold," indicating that she may have tortured someone to get the location of the final Totem.


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