"You're new here, or you'd know me. Toutius Sextius. My people have lived in Skingrad since the Dawn. Father and the Count were best of friends."
―Toutius Sextius[src]

Toutius Sextius quote

Toutius Sextius is an Imperial commoner living in Skingrad. He has a brother, Jesan Sextius, living in Anvil.



In the Hero's travels in Skingrad, Glarthir will eventually approach them and have a short conversation with them. Glarthir will then tell them to meet him behind the chapel at midnight.

If they ask someone in town about Glarthir, Captain Dion of the Skingrad Guard will approach them and tell the Hero that Glarthir is crazy and to report to him any strange things Glarthir may suggest.


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  •  PS3   A bug will occur during the quest "Paranoia," when the Hero is trying to watch Toutius but he will not exit his house. If they go up to the door, it will be locked and there is no way to follow him around. To fix this, try entering a building, then exiting and it should say he is out of his house.